The Church Construction Kit

A Complete Project Guide for Church Building Programs
By: J. Dean Morgan
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    J. Dean Morgan
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Product Summary

Church building programs are exciting endeavors, but they can lead to unforeseen challenges and a lot of frustration. There are numerous ins and outs of the process that require an expert's knowledge in order to complete this momentous task successfully.

Written by professionals who have years of experience, The Church Construction Kit offers pastors and committee members an interactive guide filled with the insight and information they need to shape their decisions and actions throughout the building process.

The Church Construction Kit will:
  • Help you know where to begin once the decision to build has been prayerfully secured
  • Help you keep track of key decisions and actions that are made throughout the process
  • Inform you of the common components of a building project from vision and planning to groundbreaking and construction, and supply you with the experts advice on how to proceed effectively in each area
  • Encourage you to view your project as a ministry, providing you with ways to minister to everyone involved, and much more!

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