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Named: Sarah

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Product Summary

Sarah appears to be a periphery character throughout much of Genesis, yet she is irrevocably part of God's promise to Abraham. She is chosen too. God uses her too. And, most importantly, even after Sarah shows herself to be a strong-willed, sometimes shortsighted woman, God redeems her too.

The Sarah Small Group DVD includes:

  • 6 videos (1 for each story)
  • 6 audio recordings (1 for each story)
  • Promo video
  • Discussion Guide

When used with the companion workbook, the Sarah Small Group resource provides everything the facilitator needs to generate meaningful group discussions, helping people see the stories of the Bible—and themselves—in a whole new light.

Named is a small group resource that tells the story of people from Scripture through a new lens—exploring the mystery of faith with a literary touch. Each series introduces 6 different characters in the Bible unpacking one every week. Become acquainted with the people God identified in a story as particular as yours.

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