John Wesley

His Life and Thought
By: Timothy J. Crutcher
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    Timothy J. Crutcher
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What people think affects what they do, and what people do affects what they think.

There is no better illustration of this adage than John Wesley, the pivotal founder of Methodism. For Wesley, thinking and living went hand in hand.

John Wesley: His Life and Thought introduces readers to both Wesley's story and his beliefs. By neither leaning too much on biography nor focusing solely on theology, this book offers a balanced and accessible portrait that couches Wesley's beliefs and ideas firmly within his life story. There are no minutiae or scholarly controversies here. This book paints in broad strokes the key events in Wesley's life that not only influence his thinking but also his approach to the church, the Methodist movement, and the society and world beyond.

For anyone wanting a sound but lucid introduction to Wesley and his life and work, this book should be at the top of the list. It doesn't just familiarize the reader with Wesley but paves the way for deeper study.

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