A Faith Of Their Own

Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens
By: Chris Folmsbee
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Parents, pastors, and youth workers everywhere are trying to answer one question: How do we effectively disciple preteens?

During this time of change, curiosity, and skepticism, people struggle to guide preteens in their developing spiritual journeys.

In A Faith of Their Own: Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens, Chris Folmsbee offers practical tools to keep preteens engaged in exploring and experiencing God.

You'll find:

  • Ideas for putting preteens skills to good use serving the church and the community
  • Insight into helping preteens find their identities in Christ
  • Useful examples for how to put concepts into practice.

This book will leave you encouraged, inspired, and better equipped to guide preteens toward becoming more like Jesus.

This book provides an entry into engaging the faith formation of preteens and young teens before they have mostly separated into a faith of their own. Deeply theological while still easily readable and practical, Folmsbee gives parents a greatly needed gift.
- Mark Oestreicher
Partner, The Youth Cartel
Author, Understanding Your Young Teen

Chris Folmsbee shares a bounty of rich resources, concepts, ideas, suggestions, and questions that will fuel the imaginations of all parents concerned about the spirituality and development of their children.
- Mike King
President, Youthfront
Author, Presence Centered Youth Ministry

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