A Charitable Discourse, Small Group DVD

Talking About the Things That Divide Us
Digital Resource (DVD/CD)
By: Dan Boone
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    Dan Boone
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Homosexuality, social drinking, and politics . . .Why is it so hard to talk about these topics and others like them in the church? What keeps us from having open and honest conversations about complex and controversial issues? The silence in the pews about these matters can be deafening.

A Charitable Discourse insightfully explores why this happens, looking closely at the ways people avoid and prevent authentic dialog, from labeling and grandstanding to religious abuse. Seven controversial issues are discussed with understanding, sincerity, and compassion.

This Small Group DVD includes 6 videos designed for small groups to discuss the issues that can often divide the church. Each video is approximately 8 minutes long and geared to help spark discussion within your small group. The small group Facilitator's guide is also included in PDF format.

  • Session 1: Religion & Politics
  • Session 2: Alcohol
  • Session 3: Human Sexuality
  • Session 4: Homosexuality
  • Session 5: Science & Religion
  • Session 6: The Emerging Church

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