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Grace-Full Leadership, Small Group DVD

Understanding the Heart of a Christian Leader
Digital Resource (DVD/CD)
By: John C. Bowling
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    John C. Bowling
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Product Summary

God has redefined the world of management for the Christian leader through Scripture. He isn't focused on bottom lines, demographics, or profit margins; Christ presents the paradox of being both a leader and a servant.

Seek significance, not just success.

This Small Group DVD includes a facilitator's guide and 6 videos for each session designed for small groups to explore the qualities and practices that are distinct for Christian leaders. Learn what it means to be a true Christian leader that not only serves but also is full of grace. Discover how to become a leader who generates exponential growth in spiritual gains--an eternity of difference from today s capital gains.

Session 1: Through the lens of grace (6:47)
Session 2: Leadership today and beyond (7:40)
Session 3: The focus of leadership (7:08)
Session 4: Developing a leader sense (8:14)
Session 5: A leader s vision (6:47)
Session 6: The nurture of leadership (8:31)

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