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Reimagining Leadership...and Why We Must
By: Lance Ford
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    Lance Ford
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Product Summary

The last thing you need is another book on leadership. So how is UnLeader different?

Leadership-centric conversations dominate the contemporary evangelical church scene. The largest church leadership conferences each year include talks from corporate business executives and world famous CEOs. We are drilled with the message that if it worked for them it will work for the church.

There is one overwhelming problem. Jesus himself is not our first choice when it comes to who we model ourselves after as leaders. Many times the life of Jesus directly contradicts much of what is being imported into the church under the mantra of effective leadership.

This book is not about eliminating leadership in the church. UnLeader will help you redefine and recalibrate your view of leadership according to Jesus' life. Renew your ministry, reimagine your path to authentic servant leadership, and discover that the only leaders worthy of being followed in the Church are the ones who are following Christ himself.


In a culture obsessed with leadership and leaders, this book turns the pyramid upside down, provoking all Christians to reexamine what the New Testament really has to say about the subject.
-Frank Viola, author of Reimagining Church

UnLeader is a fast, engaging read that makes a compelling case for a different way - a starkly Biblical way - towards leading the church into God's future.
-David Fitch, B R Linder Chair of Evangelical Theology, Northern Seminary

As the church struggles through seizmic shifts, UnLeader unwraps the reality of true God-sized influence. The future of the church and the fate of the world, at least in your neighborhood, are at read only if you intend to give your life away.
-Hugh Halter, author of The Tangible Kingdom and Sacrilege

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