Public Jesus (Small Group Edition)

Exposing the Nature of God in Your Community
By: Tim Suttle
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    Tim Suttle
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Product Summary

Jesus lived a very public life. Overthrowing tables, eating with sinners and tax collectors, and exposing a Kingdom that was breaking in.

Public Jesus helps expose people to the many opportunities that are all around them to reflect the love of Christ and uncover a religion that is neither private nor personal. Author Tim Suttle unpacks what it means to be a human being in the world and how Christians can reveal the image of God in their neighborhoods, faith communities and workplace. Each chapter challenges readers to love and engage those around them in authentic ways, making every page a catalyst to move people into the mission of loving those they live among.

The video sessions are conversational in style as Tim shares thoughtful insights around each chapter in a way that will foster rich conversation. A video transcript taken from sessions with Tim is included in every chapter which is helpful for small group discussions and deeper reflection.

Public Jesus is a call for us to orient ourselves to Christ as we learn to follow Jesus wherever we live.

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