When the Pastor Is Your Husband

The Joy and Pain of Ministry Wives
By: Donna Bordelon Alder
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    Donna Bordelon Alder
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Pastor's wives often face unrealistic expecations, challenges, and even discouragement as they serve alongside their husbands in ministry. Through advice and real-life stories, Donna Bordelon Adler provides solutions and encouragement to pastor's wives.

A woman can excel when she examines frustrations and puts them into eternal perspective. Like a good friend whose company is cherished when life is filled with challenges, this book reveals down-to-earth, readable encouragements through each chapter.

Personally, having been married to a pastor's wife for 50 years, I do not believe those who hold the position of clergy wife can ever receive too much encouragement or enlightenment. Donna Alder has a book full of just that--affirmation and guidance for those who are called a pastor's wife.

--H.B. London, Jr.
Vice President, Church and Clergy
Focus on the Family

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