The Mission of Jesus

The Gospel of John (Chapters 12-21)
By: Charles "Chic" Shaver
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    Charles "Chic" Shaver
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Jesus' final week on earth was anything but normal. He spent time with a once-dead man. He took a celebatory ride on a donkey. He washed a lot of feet. And He ate dinner with His betrayer.

Quite honestly, it makes you wonder: if He knew He was leaving, why the strange behavior? Why didn't He just say goodbye and go?

This challenging Bible study will take you on a journey of meaning and understanding behind Jesus' final days on earth. In it, you will examine the significant events of that final week as you identify His commitment to carry out His mission to the end.

Designed to help small groups improve their knowledge of the Word of God, this six-week study explores the last ten chapters of the Gospel of John. The lessons provided will help you discover the truths of the Word of God as you develop a supportive and encouraging small-group fellowship.

Take this incredible journey and discover the mission of Jesus that will offer you relevance, identity, and deeper meaning for your faith in Him.

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