Faith Intersections

Christians Listen to...a Muslim, a Scientologist, a Buddhist, a Mormon, and Others
Compiled by: Matt Zimmer
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    Matt Zimmer
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Product Summary

An extrovert will make friends when in line buying coffee. A shared love of warm beverages becomes the topic at hand, and then maybe a few day-to-day pleasantries are exchanged as well. But, what if that person standing behind you asks about the sticky subjects in your life—faith, belief systems, morals, politics, or the Church? What do you say? How do you talk to someone without giving a sermon on the rights and wrongs of your own faith?

Faith Intersections brings to light the idea of listening—rather than talking—to your friends, neighbors, and even the strangers in line about their faiths. Formatted in interview style, each chapter is a listening opportunity as a Christian leader interviews a person of another faith.

With honest exploration, Faith Intersections provides the readers—the listeners—with a challenge to rethink how they converse with individuals of other faiths.

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