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Seven Deadly Sins, DVD + Book

Lessons for Faith Communities
By: Dan Boone
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In Seven Deadly Sins, Dan Boone exposes the uncomfortable truth about the nature of sin. He examines its crafty characteristics and shows how sin can seep into the cracks of our lives when we least expect it. With a pastor's heart and a professor's wisdom, Boone discusses how the sins of pride, envy, anger, slothfulness, greed, gluttony, and lust have masked themselves in the newness of today's technology and culture and even in our own enlightened, postmodern Christian thinking. With compassion and concern, he reveals the truth about sin; but he also reveals the truth about grace. Instead of condemnation and guilt, he offers hope and reminds us of Christ's ability to resurrect and undo anything sin has damaged.

With challenging revelation, Seven Deadly Sins brings readers to a loving Christ and shows them the life He's waiting to wrap them in- a grace-filled life that is mended by love and free from the death and destruction of sin.

As part of the inSIGHTmedia Series, this resource includes:

  • A copy of the featured book, Seven Deadly Sins
  • A DVD containing 10-minute video lessons, which correspond to the book's various chapters
  • A printable leader's guide- also included on the DVD- which will enhance group discussion and study

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