Beacon Dictionary of Theology

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This volume has been designed for the busy pastor, evangelist, missionary, student, teacher, doctor, and lawyer, as well as for the alert homemaker and farmer or shopkeeper who desires to acquire a better understanding of God and His redemption.... Readers with some degree of expertise in these matters will note that this dictionary represents a very broad definition of theology. As a consequence, many topics are discussed which might be expected to be found in other kinds of dictionaries. The gamut covers such areas as philosophy, psychology, history, practice, and devotion. A sincere attempt has been made to relate every topic to the basic concerns of theology and the Bible. This dictionary is unabashedly evangelical and just as unabashedly Wesleyan. Some immensely valuable help has been given by scholars who are not themselves identified with the Wesleyan Arminian school of interpretation. We are grateful to them. This is possible because among Evangelicals the basic points of agreement are very wide indeed. However, it is the conviction of the editors and publishers that a scholarly dictionary frankly committed to a Wesleyan understanding of salvation has been long overdue.

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