A World Unbroken

Hope and Healing for a Shattered World
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Product Summary

The Bible tells the story of God. The narratives, historical records, poetry, songs, prophecy, and letters reveal who God is, and exhibit his continuous pursuit of a restored relationship with his people.

A World Unbroken will help you as a youth worker not only find greater meaning in the story, but will also help you re-narrate your life in and around the mission of God through the seven episodes of create, broken, promise, presence, satisfied, mission and restored.

Gain insight from respected youth workers, theologians and authors as this book guides the way you think of youth ministry. A World Unbroken is designed to reshape the way you view your role as a minister--and the role of youth ministry in the church.

Contributors: Mark Oestreicher, Ian Morgan Cron, Scot McKnight, Kara Powell, Jason Barnhart, Mae Elise Cannon, Mike King, Chris Folmsbee, and Pamela Erwin.

Product Details
1 Product
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