A Thrill of Hope: A Pastor's Resource

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Product Summary

In a world that feels weary and uncertain at times, A Thrill of Hope offers us a powerful understanding of God’s promised hope in the person of Jesus. This 4-week study through Advent invites individuals and communities to pause, breathe deeply, and wait for the new and glorious morning revealed to us in Christ.

The Pastor's Resource provides supplements for the A Thrill of Hope devotional to help lead your faith community through Advent. Included in the Pastor's Resource download are weekly sermon outlines for each Sunday of Advent, covering the Lectionary gospel passage for the week and introducing the weekly themes: The Anticipation of Hope, The Way of Hope, The Generosity of Hope, and The Promise of Hope; Advent candle readings; activities to use in a family worship setting; sermon outlines for use in children’s church; and a service outline for Christmas Eve. Also included are marketing and promotional materials to help guide your community through Advent and the A Thrill of Hope devotional.

The Pastor’s Resource includes: 

  • 4 Family Worship Activities
  • 4 Children’s Sermons for Children's Church
  • 4 Sermon Outlines
  • 1 Christmas Eve Service Outline
  • 4 Candle Readings – New this year!
  • Promo Video
  • Bumper Video
  • Individual Reading Plan
  • Social Media Graphics
  • PowerPoint Backgrounds
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Product Details
4 Products
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