10 Lifesaving Principles for Women in Difficult Marriages

By: Karla Downing
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    Karla Downing
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Product Summary

A Christian woman in a difficult marriage rarely knows where to turn for help. Too often, the advice of those in the church is to love your husband, submit, pray, and wait for God to change him. If that doesn't work, she begins to wonder why God doesn't answer her prayers.

This book helps women overcome their sense of powerlessness by giving them tools to improve their marriage. It examines misconceptions about Scriptures that cause confusion and even pain, helping women recover their faith that God cares for them. Women will begin to focus on what they can do to change themselves, instead of trying over and over again to change their husbands. As they learn to set boundaries with their husbands, they will protect themselves and their children from the effects of the difficult marriage. One day at a time, their lives will begin to change and heal as they apply the information, insights, and principles to their individual situation.

10 Lifesaving Principles helps women:

  • Reexamine their ideas about certain Christian scriptures and principles (for example, submission)

  • Develop a support system of family, friends, and other women facing the same problems

  • Set boundaries with their husbands to protect themselves and their children from the effects of the difficult marriage

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